Pastoral Holdings

Paspaley is heavily involved in Australian agriculture. Our holdings include a number of historically significant properties in New South Wales and the Northern Territory.

As with pearling, Paspaley’s agricultural endeavours are characterised by a quest for optimising efficiencies while never compromising quality. Respect for the environment and responsible management of precious 

natural resources are fundamental to our philosophy and farming practices.

Our rural holdings span diverse climates and terrains and involve a wide range of activities including mixed cropping, wine grapes, prime lambs, cattle, merino wool, and the operation of one of the oldest Poll Hereford studs in Australia.


Farming activity includes beef, wool, mutton, cereal crops and large-scale, high quality grape production. Paspaley’s pastoral interests are amongst Australia’s most significant privately-owned farming enterprises.

Farming includes the <br> production of Merino wool
Farming includes the
production of Merino wool