Paspaley Pearling Company

Paspaley Pearling Company is the world's leading producer of fine quality cultured Australian South Sea pearls – the rarest and most valuable of all cultured pearls combining unrivalled size, nacre quality and natural colour and lustre. Paspaley is the preferred supplier of South Sea pearls to many of the world's leading jewellery retailers and wholesalers.

Our reputation is built on a foundation of trust, respect and integrity which transcends generations. A passion for excellence and commitment to quality is at the heart of everything we do. It is with the same passion and excitement that we approach and build long-term partnerships with our wholesale and retail customers.

Our pearls are distributed through international, by-invitation only auctions and private sales.

In 2021, Paspaley launched an industry first trade-only online portal, allowing registered partners access to a wide range of single pearls, pairs, bracelets and strands.

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Australian South Sea pearls

 Australian South Sea pearls are the rarest and most valuable of all pearl types. The South Sea pearl oyster, the Pinctada maxima, is the largest and rarest pearl oyster and produces the finest pearl nacre of any mollusc.

From our humble beginnings in the 1930s, originally as a natural pearling company, we have built our success through Australian South Sea pearl cultivation. With numerous pearl farms dotted along more than 2500 kilometres of the remote, pristine coastline of north-west Australia, Paspaley’s harvests represent the majority of Australian South Sea pearl production. For more than 50 years, we have produced cultured South Sea pearls of exceptional quality and beauty through a respectful partnership with nature. Driven by the ‘leave no footprint’ philosophy, we have long appreciated the

knowledge that a pearl’s quality and beauty is intrinsically influenced by the waters in which it grows.
Scientific studies have proven the zero environmental impact of our pearl farming techniques. Today we are a world authority in research and development of the fragile Pinctada maxima oyster, and world leaders in sustainable aquaculture practices. It is the collection of our oysters by hand that has earned us an international reputation for being a model sustainable fishery.

Committed to the safety of our employees, we operate under the ‘Pearling Code of Practice’, a guide which stipulates the working conditions and environmental guidelines pearling businesses should operate within.

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Mother of Pearl

Mother of Pearl is a natural product extracted from the Western Australian Silverlip Pearl Oyster (Pinctada maxima) shell.

The mother of pearl itself is a composition of aragonite crystals and other organic materials. Paspaley’s mother of pearl is used in a number of global luxury good applications including fine jewellery, watch dials and luxury buttons.

Paspaley’s divers collect wild P. maxima pearl oysters for mother of pearl primarily on benthic pearl oyster beds at 10-30m depth across two broad locations. The first is between Exmouth and Broome, Western Australia, and the second is between Darwin and Gove, Northern Territory.


The Australian Government protects and manages the pearl oyster fishery with strict quotas and a range of legislation enforcing high standards of social and environmental responsibility in the pearling industry.

As a result of the government's strict regulation and the good fortune of an isolated and pristine environment, Australia's pearl beds are healthier today than they have been for a century.

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